Health and Safety

Environmental Management Policy

S&S Engineering Works is a company that maximises the value of its products and services to South Africa, and environmental issues are an integral part of our operations.

We recognise this is a complex challenge and that a balance that best meets the needs of our customers, society and our duty to supply the best possible service.

We will strive to reduce environmental waste as much as possible in our operation.

We try as best as possible to use enviro-friendly products.

All products, rejects, scrap is either re-worked, re-used, re-cycled or scrapped in such a manner that other operations might use it in a re-cycled format. Waste is separated.

We try to educate our staff on the effect of pollution and the need to look after the environment as best as possible.warehouse 2

Health and Safety Policy

It is our policy to provide the resources necessary:

  • To maintain health and safety systems at all times.
  • To protect individuals against risk to health and safety rising out of our business.
  • To protect against damage or loss.
  • To minimise the risk to the environment arising out of our activities,
  • To ensure that all Legal H&S requirements are always in place.