The Company was started in 1973 by Mr. Joaquin Garcia Snr. who moved to South Africa in 1966 from Switzerland.  Mr. Garcia moved to Switzerland from Spain to get away from the Spanish dictator Franco. Mr. Garcia moved to South Africa for health as he had spondylitis of the spine and the warm climate of South Africa is what attracted him here. After a few years he decided to go into business and bought a lathe and his partner had a milling machine.  Mr. Garcia was Spanish and his partner was Swiss and hence the name of the company S&S Engineering. After a year in business his partner retired and Mr. Garcia continued on his own.

warehouseThe company started to do business with the supplier to the military namely Sandock Austral Boksburg and made parts for the Rattle and the Eland tanks for our defense force. The company also produced parts for the mining and car industries namely Joy Global and Leyland. Leyland later relocated to the Cape and we did not pursue the car industry as it was based on high volumes and we did not have the correct machinery for that. A new customer was secured namely G.E.C (General Electric Company) and we made a lot of brass components for transformers. The shavings that were produced from the machining were enough when sold to the scrap dealers to purchase and erect the building that we are currently operating from.

The current owner and son of the late Mr. Joaquin Garcia, Mr. Joaquin Garcia Jnr. joined the company in 1983. Mr. Garcia Jnr. was drafted into the military in 1985 at the age of 22 and served in the tank division and could see all the parts that the company manufactured and where they fitted, and the importance to high quality and accuracy of the parts. After the military training was finished he rejoined the company in 1987 and saw the need to diversify into other fields as the need for military equipment would no doubt come to an end as there were already talks of reducing military activity on our borders. The company strongly pushed into the mining industries and acquired some new customers and started to prepare ourselves to be ISO 9002 accredited.

warehouse 2We were accredited in 1995 and in that same year we also acquired the right to manufacture the submersible pump and we have been doing so ever since for the International company Ingersoll Rand beating off India and the United Kingdom for the rights to manufacture the pump. They are subsequently one of our bigger clients together with Joy Global.

We have been in business for 39 years and look forward to the next 39 years.